MSP Experience

SSI helps businesses improve their MSP experience. With our customized solutions, we empower you to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and enhance collaboration with your MSPs

What is a Managed Service Provider?

An MSP, or managed service provider, is a company that provides a wide range of IT services and support to clients. MSPs are usually hired from outside and tasked with managing and maintaining the client's IT infrastructure, systems, and networks. They specialize in proactive monitoring, maintenance, and management of IT assets, ensuring the smooth operation and security of the client's technology environment.

Comprehensive MSP Services

Our MSP Services include the following:

  • Evaluation and Selection

    SSI can help you evaluate the most suitable MSPs for your specific needs. We assess your requirements, conduct vendor evaluations, and provide expert recommendations.

  • Contract Negotiation

    Our team of experts can help you negotiate contracts and SLAs with your chosen MSPs. We ensure that the terms and conditions are fair and align with your business.

  • Performance Monitoring

    SSI provides continuous monitoring of your MSP's performance against SLAs. We track KPIs, measure service quality, and provide regular reports to ensure expected value.

  • Relationship Management

    SSI acts as a liaison between you and your MSP, facilitating effective communication, managing expectations, and resolving any conflicts or issues that may arise.

  • Service Improvement Initiatives

    Our consultants identify areas where your MSP's services can be improved. We work collaboratively with you and your MSP to develop and implement improvement initiatives.

  • MSP Governance

    We establish governance frameworks for MSP relationship management by defining roles, implementing performance measurement mechanisms, and conducting regular reviews.

Benefits of Our MSP Services

Expertise and Knowledge

SSI brings extensive expertise in MSP management. Our consultants have a deep understanding of industry trends, practices, and the complexities of MSP relationships. By leveraging our expertise, you gain valuable insights that can drive better decision-making.

Tailored Solutions

We recognize that every organization has unique requirements. Our services are customized to align with your specific needs, ensuring that you receive solutions that address your challenges effectively. This approach maximizes the value you derive from our services.

Risk Mitigation

Our consultants conduct comprehensive risk assessments and develop strategies to mitigate risks associated with MSP engagements. By identifying vulnerabilities and implementing safeguards, we help protect your organization's interests and minimize disruptions.

Time and Resource Savings

SSI can save you valuable time and resources. Our team takes care of evaluating and selecting MSPs, negotiating contracts, monitoring performance, and managing the relationship. This allows your organization to focus on core operations and strategic initiatives.

MSP Performance Optimization

SSI goes beyond managing your relationship with managed service providers. We also optimize the performance of your MSP to make sure that you are receiving the best solutions. With our strategies, we aim to enhance the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your MSP collaboration. Consistently monitoring their performance helps us ensure that you are getting top-quality service and achieving your goals using MSPs.