Contingent Solutions

Are you in need of staffing options that can be adjusted based on your workforce needs? SSI is the solution you're looking for! We offer flexible and contingent solutions that allow you to concentrate on what's important.

What is the contingent solution?

Contingent solutions are a valuable service SSI provides, offering organizations the flexibility to address their immediate workforce needs. Rather than committing to permanent hires, businesses can partner with us to access temporary workers. At SSI, we specialize in delivering contingent solutions designed to meet the evolving demands of businesses. Our goal is to empower organizations by providing flexible staffing options that align with their requirements.

Contingent Staffing Expertise

Our Contingent Staffing Services include:

  • Flexible Staffing

    SSI's contingent solutions offer you the flexibility to quickly adjust your workforce. Whether you need temporary staff or additional resources to handle workloads, we have you covered.

  • Diverse Talent Pool

    SSI has an extensive network in recruitment, providing access to skilled talent. Whether you need IT specialists, finance professionals, or skilled tradespeople, we connect you with qualified candidates. 

  • Compliance and Risk Management

    SSI understands the importance of compliance and risk management in contingent staffing. Our dedicated team ensures that all legal and regulatory requirements are met, so you can have peace of mind.

  • Speedy Staffing

    We understand the significance of time when it comes to contingent staffing. Our streamlined processes ensure that we can promptly provide you with qualified candidates.

  • Managed Contingent Workforce

    Our  managed contingent workforce takes care of the entire contingent staffing process, from start to finish. We handle everything, from finding the right candidates to managing their payroll.

  • Vendor Management Solutions

    SSI simplifies the process of coordinating multiple vendors for contingent staffing. We centralize vendor relationships, negotiate contracts, and maintain consistent service levels across all vendors.

Benefits of our Contingent Solutions

Tailored Support

At SSI, we take great pride in providing personalized service and building robust partnerships with our clients. When you choose our contingent solutions, you will be paired with a dedicated account manager who works closely with you to understand your unique staffing needs.

Cost Efficiency

Opting for contingent staffing delivers significant cost savings compared to hiring full-time employees. With contingent workers, you can eliminate expenses such as benefits, payroll taxes, and recruitment costs. Our solutions allow you to allocate your budget more effectively.


Our contingent staffing solutions offer the flexibility to meet your business needs with ease. Whether you face sudden growth, seasonal fluctuations, or project-specific demands, we can rapidly adjust your workforce to ensure optimal staffing levels.

Reduced Hiring Risks

Our contingent solutions help you minimize these risks. We take charge of candidate screening, selection, and onboarding processes, guaranteeing that you receive qualified professionals who are prepared to make immediate contributions.

Enhancing Employee Retention

At SSI, we understand that retaining top talent is key to the success of any organization. That's why our contingent solutions go the extra mile by offering strategies to enhance employee retention. With us, you'll have access to customized engagement programs, career development opportunities, recognition and rewards initiatives, transparent communication channels, and a focus on work-life balance.