Executive Search

SSI provides executive search services to assist companies in hiring highly-qualified leaders for leadership positions within their organizations.

What Is Executive Search?

Executive search is the process used by Search Strategies International (SSI) to locate highly qualified individuals for key positions within organizations. Through an organized, thorough approach, they identify, evaluate, and attract the most highly-qualified individuals into these key positions within organizations. Their process identifies top talent that can successfully lead and drive strategic initiatives within an organization.

Executive Search Offerings

Our Executive Search Services Include:

  • Candidate Identification and Sourcing

    SSI leverages its extensive networks, resources, and expertise to quickly identify and source highly qualified candidates for senior-level or executive positions.

  • Recruitment and Placement

    SSI assists its clients throughout the recruitment process by facilitating interview preparation, providing interview guidance, and helping them select their ideal match.

  • Executive Onboarding and Integration

    After the recruitment process, SSI provides executive onboarding and integration support. We offer a well-designed onboarding program to ensure a smooth process for the newly appointed employees.

  • Candidate Evaluation and Assessment

    At SSI, our assessment process for candidate suitability is rigorous. In-depth candidate profiles allow our clients to make more informed decisions.

  • Market Research and Analytics

    SSI works wonders in conducting in-depth market research and analysis to provide our clients with crucial insights into industry trends, competitor awareness, and talent availability.

  • Succession Planning and Leadership Development

    At SSI, we truly care about having a solid plan for nurturing talent and grooming future leaders. As part of our executive search services, we go the extra mile by offering programs for succession planning and leadership development.

Benefits of our Executive Search Services

Access to Extensive Networks

With SSI's executive search services, you gain access to our vast network of highly qualified candidates - even passive candidates who may not actively be searching for new positions - thereby expanding your talent pool and increasing the odds of finding an ideal match.

Candidate Identification and Sourcing

At our organization, we excel in locating highly qualified individuals for senior-level or executive positions. Our team utilizes various strategies to locate individuals that possess the required skills, experience, and cultural fit.

Rigorous Evaluation and Assessment

At SSI, our evaluation and assessment process is thorough to ensure the suitability of candidates for employment. This involves reviewing resumes, conducting in-depth interviews, and assessing qualifications, leadership abilities, and cultural fit - among other measures - prior to making our recommendations for hiring decisions.

Time and Resource Savings

Outsourcing your executive search with SSI saves both time and resources. Our experienced team at SSI manages the entire process from candidate identification, evaluation, recruitment, and giving your organization an edge against competitors.

Global Reach and Versatile Industry Insight

At SSI, we take pride in our executive search services that offer a distinct advantage through our extensive global reach and versatile industry insight. Our vast network spans across regions and industries, allowing us to tap into a diverse pool of exceptional candidates from around the world. With our team of experienced consultants, we customize our executive search strategies to cater to the unique needs of different industries.