Client Commitment

What distinguishes Select Source, as a company committed to its employees, is not a certain compensation scheme or talent-management practice; But instead, our ability to express to current and potential employees what makes the organization unique. We believe in having highly engaged employees who articulate company values and attributes. SSI has had excellent success in hiring new talent through our Employee Referral Tactics. We’ve also had great success with existing and repeat clients due to there satisfaction with our talented workforce.

We understand that our success is measured by that of our clients’, that is why we work with them to understand their goals, in order to customize our services based on those expectations.

SSI knows that building long-term client loyalty involves identifying, understanding, and meeting their needs. To improve on this, we ask for client feedback during and at the end of each project. SSI is committed to the long-term continuity of the firm through consistent growth as we realize that maintaining our commitment is the ultimate factor to success. We listen, we perform, and we deliver.