Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) Experience

SSI has built a metric-based approach that complements MSPs and results in better performance for clients. With years of experience in partnering with every major global MSP firm in the staffing industry, SSI has developed a unique MSP Business Model. In delivering the highest-level service and talent, we can proudly say that 75% of our revenue comes from MSP support and expertise.

We owe our proficiency to SSI’s Centralized Recruiting Team which is among the Top global MSP firms. Here are a few of the ways our MSP business model knowledge can benefits you:

  • We take pride in being a compliant & successful supplier in "Top 5 Standing” in all our MSP programs.
  • Our technology enabled approach shrinks onboarding time, provides flawless contract execution, and delivers high quality professionals at a competitive rate.
  • Expertise with all leading VMS (Vender Management System) tools
  • With help from Rate Cards and Markup Models we ensure the best rate for our customers.

Our competitiveness is defined by our Metrics aligned to the KPIs of our MSPs - We measure what you measure!


Contract Completion score


Submittal to interview ratio


Requisitions covered


Submittal to Placement ratio


On time fill (by requested start date)

50+ MSP Programs