Global Solutions

  • SSI has direct accessibility to Global Solution Centers (GSC) located in United States and India. These centers are equipped with world-class application development infrastructures for addressing customer needs. SSI has developed web-driven applications and outsourcing methodologies with well-defined processes for enhancing cost savings, risk mitigation, and change management.

  • Global Advantage:

    Select Source can staff a project anywhere in the world due to our recruiting and delivery capabilities. All our resources are globally deployable and can be relocated with short notice. Select Source International’s global reach and delivery enhances our understanding of customer wants and needs. As a result, we have maintained world-wide clientele in the retail, healthcare, finance, and technology industries.

  • Comprehensive Solutions Capacity:

    SSI designs and implements comprehensive “right-fit” integrated solutions to quickly resolve at hand customer problems. We partner with technology leaders such as IBM and Microsoft to architect, implement, and deploy complex industry leading solutions for our clients. Our investment is to partner technologies with our consultants to bring strong value-add to our Classificationssients.

  • Custom Fit:

    SSI can scale to meet your needs. We are more than capable of providing resources to work within your existing ecosystem to help manage your environment, as well as take control of the over-all management of your business-critical applications. Select Source has the capabilities to manage projects onshore, offshore or in a combination, to meet budget requirements.

Global Delivery

SSI has done business in over 28 different counties and has the capabilities to solve your business needs with our trusted solutions. We’ve successfully assisted the following:

  • US Government at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
  • A retail company in Thailand, Korea
  • A construction company in the Middle East
  • A Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in India