• Renewable Energy Engineering and Design:

    We supported a large energy company by providing consultants to support the construction, outages, material evaluation, modeling, route of transmission, and permits to improve the transmission power for wind energy. The growth of renewable energy created a need to increase the transmission line to bring wind energy into the load centers. During this multi-year project, the consultants worked closely in a team environment to build a design that improved power flow to the load centers. The project called for high voltage transmission and substation line experience. The results of the project increased the use of wind energy and decreased the dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Airflow Platform Test System:

    An industrial manufacturer required a software solution to operate the Airflow Platform Test System for characterization and calibration of airflow sensors. The software created allowed the engineering and evaluation labs to gather data for the characterization of ASIC based airflow sensors, and also calibrate airflow sensors using the signal conditioning ASIC for developmental and low volume production purposes. Both of these functions are custom configurable, in terms of airflow, temperature and voltage, by the user.

  • Coal Yard Controls Project:

    Designed, drafted and replaced a coal yard computer control system to be in accordance with new regulations and qualifications. The project required approximately 1,700 drawings and 2,500 wired points.

  • PLC Upgrade Project:

    Designed, drafted and replaced a coal plant PLC system to be in accordance with new regulations and qualifications. The project required approximately 5,000 drawings and 8,000 wired points.

Energy & Utilities

SSI is a trusted advisor throughout the energy and utility industries. We work with our clients to solve their operational challenges and highlight opportunities for growth.

Emerging technologies, economic trends, and changing regulatory expectations present new challenges and new opportunities for energy and utility companies. We partner with our clients to effectively manage their evolution in this shifting environment, while bringing a depth of industry experience and a unique appreciation of their individual corporate culture and history.

Our team of knowledgeable consultants combines extensive subject matter along with energy and utility industry experience to generate accelerated and sustainable ROI (LIST WHAT ROI STANDS FOR) driven results. Our consultants are working with energy data to improve optimization, virtualization, and consolidation across the entire IT environment. Renewable Energy, Smart-Grid, Innovative controls, and sustainability efforts are helping to drive a more efficient use of energy.